We are against discrimination

No, not a joke:

When it comes to hiring staff, there are plenty of legal pitfalls employers need to watch out for these days.

So recruitment agency boss Nicole Mamo was especially careful to ensure her advert for hospital workers did not offend on grounds of race, age or sexual orientation.

However, she hadn’t reckoned on discriminating against a wholly different section of the community – the completely useless.

When she ran the ad past a job centre, she was told she couldn’t ask for ‘reliable’ and ‘hard-working’ applicants because it could be offensive to unreliable people.

Mrs Mamo, a divorced mother of two, added: ‘I had to battle to have “must speak English”, which they also said was discriminatory.

You never hear about ridiculous PC tyranny like this in any of the new democracies in Eastern Europe, nor in some third-world hell hole like Russia or Yemen. No, it’s always a declining Western country that, by habit, calls itself a democracy. Usually Britain.