How to chose best escort agency in London

An escort agency is like a restaurant, there are a lot of options available and you can mix and match to your liking. At the end of the night, a nice fat bill is all yours. Use site-link If you’re a novice at hiring an high class London escorts , here are a few tips to help you to decide on what you really want.

Her Place or Yours?

One of the first decisions you’ll have to make is whether you want an in-call or out-call. With an in-call you go to her place its nice, cozy and especially recommended if you have curious neighbors. An out-call is the opposite. Sometimes this isn’t an option and a hotel is the next best thing. Try to avoid the hotel; the added cost can be steep on your wallet.


Once the location is decided, you want to select what services you’d like your escort in London to perform. Blow jobs are very popular, but you’d want to specify if you want your balls licked or sucked – if this is not expressed you’d get a regular blow job. Do you want her to swallow? Or do you want to spray it on her face? Hmmm, Decisions, decisions.
A bed dance – a sensual dance she does over you while you’re in a relaxed position – is another entertaining favorite which can heighten arousal especially when accompanied by grinding i.e. gyration where she rubs her vagina on your dick.

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Some girl from top escort agency London avoid touching in its simplest forms from French kissing to caressing and other gentle stimulation. If you’re into that kind of stuff let her know before. It’s always better to know exactly what you want so therefore no surprises or disappointment when your expectations are not met.

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If you’re going for the full service (where you’d have sexual intercourse at the end of the night) you’d want to specify what you want. Do you want strictly vaginal sex or a little greek (anal sex)? Some London escorts pack up after their client orgasms. Be sure to specify if you want the ‘multiple shots on goal’ service, where she’d continue to stimulate you for few more orgasms after your first. Depending on the agency you choose , I would suggest London escorts at  , all of these may carry separate costs, so be sure to articulate this beforehand. If you want a Russian (i.e. insert your dick between the tits) you’d want an escort with bountiful bosoms. View all of this will help the agencies match you with an escort compatible with your desires. my recommendation would be try some London escort agencies they have bunch of good looking elite London escorts listed on their website.

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After you’ve recovered from the throbs of passion, would you like a sensual massage or a hot steamy shower? Although the shower may come at no extra cost, the massage may add to your pocket.
At the end of it all she’ll ask for a donation, which is an envelope stuffed with her earnings. Oh and don’t forget to tip – but be careful, tipping too little comes across as frugal, but too much seems like you’re trying too hard, stay somewhere in the averages, and you’d be safe.