United Kingdom, Western Europe Cooldown

Recent days of unseasonable warmth were swept away by a cold front crossing the United Kingdom and western Europe. Not only is cooler air rushing across the region, but periods of rain as well. Thursday was the hottest day of the week in London and the rest of southern England. In fact, it was the warmest September day in London since 2006 as the high reached 29.5 degrees C (85.1 degrees F). After four straight days of high temperatures reaching 26 degrees C (78 degrees F) or greater in London, temperatures are expected to reach only 18 degrees C (65 degrees F) on Friday. The cooldown will also reach France on Friday following several days of temperatures over 31 degrees C (88 degrees F). In fact, some parts of France experienced their warmest September temperatures in almost a decade. The high on Thursday reached a sizzling 33 degrees C (91 degrees F) in Paris, one of the hottest September days in recent years. A cold front brought showers and thunderstorms across France and northern Spain Thursday night into Friday. Some of the thunderstorms contained strong winds and hail near Paris. Behind this frontal boundary cooler air will arrive on Friday leading to highs only near 24 degrees C (75 degrees F). At this time, it appears the front will stall east of Paris, leading to dry and seasonable weekend for the city. While Paris enjoys several days of pleasant weather following the frontal passage, the United Kingdom will not be as lucky as a cut-off low pressure system sits overhead leading to the threat of showers which can contain heavy downpours through the weekend.

Ancient Christian Town in Syria under threat by forces supported by America, France and the UK

Of course, Gulf nations and Turkey are on the frontline in this outside war which is aimed at crushing secular Syria and creating another failed state just like Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. It appears that conservative monarchies and Israel are all being protected while every strong secular nation faces the wrath of Gulf and Western powers. For example, in Bahrain their uprising doesnt count because it goes against the collective objectives of feudal monarchs and Western powers. Therefore, internal forces in Bahrain are allowed to be crushed in order to preserve the agenda. The tragedy now befalling Maaloula is a much smaller mirror image of the brutal sectarianism which is pitting various Muslim sects against each other. Alawites, the Shia and Sunni Muslims all continue to suffer in Syria because vast numbers have been killed based on the sectarian, terrorist and seditious agenda of America, France, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the United Kingdom. These collective nations continue to support sectarian and terrorist forces alongside destroying the economy and then somehow they play the humanitarian card. Of course, the humanitarian card is also a fraud because Syria took in over one million refugees from Iraq irrespective of religious affiliation. This reality highlights the fact that the Syrian government opened its arms to the people of Iraq just like they did to Palestinians who fled Israel in the past after the creation of this nation state. Therefore, the refugee crisis today in Syria is based on the brutal policies of America, France, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the United Kingdom. Prior to these nations meddling into the internal affairs of Syria then this nation was a country which provided a safe haven for vast numbers of refugees. Sadly, this all changed when greedy Gulf and Western powers dreamed of another Libya whereby they could collectively crush the government of Syria based on geopolitical (America, France and United Kingdom) and religious needs (Gulf states and Turkey). If Maaloula survives intact during the current crisis then this will only happen providing the Syrian armed forces take full control of this area.