Mexico’s Lower House Of Congress Approves New Taxes On Junk Food

Post Puja-food-athon, its yoga for Koel, green tea for Dev

Phillips, who is divorced with three kids, worked for years as a paralegal and executive assistant, at one point making about $45,000 a year. Then the economy turned, and she suffered a string of job losses along with some health issues related to a shoulder injury from her time serving in the Army years ago. Phillips, who lives in Knoxville, Tenn., said she juggled things as best she could for a long time, eating little while her kids were with their dad so she could feed them well when they were staying with her. Still, she said she struggled to explain why she couldn’t always give them pricier, healthy foods like fresh fruit. She ended up applying for SNAP benefits in July of 2012, while working part time. “It was a huge benefit for me to be able to know that I could feed my family,” she said. Phillips is currently working as a temporary administrative assistant for a national lab, but the employment is erratic and she says she makes about $17,000 a year. She’s also a full-time student. That means she’ll be applying for food stamps again on Monday. Phillips said she collected about $600 a month previously, and she doesn’t yet know what her benefit will be this time, with the new reductions. “I could make it work for a bit smaller benefit,” she said. “If it was a lot different, then I would have a difficult time.” State agencies that administer the food stamp benefit say they are trying to get the word out about the benefit reduction.

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And, of course, there is no missing those long morning and afternoon treadmill session. Nusrat Jahan I curse myself for eating so much during Puja. Now, I can’t even miss the gym for a day as I have to get back in shape as soon as possible. I am avoiding non-veg food and eating only boiled veggies without salt. When hungry, I drink juice or eat a few slices of apple. I also have dry fruits in the evening and try to have dinner by 7 pm. I am drinking loads of water to detoxify my system. Raima Sen I would love to be miles away from food now, given the way my diet took a beating this Durga Puja! I am working really hard to get rid of the extra pounds. I’m doing power yoga from eight to nine in the morning and hitting the gym in the evening. I’ve kept rice, bread, red meat, fried food, sweets, pastries, anything to do with fat, out of my sight. Right now, I am strictly on a high-protein diet. Ritwick Chakraborty I am blessed; I don’t put on weight no matter how much I eat.

Mexico has one of the world’s highest rates of obesity, recently surpassing the United States, and higher taxes on chips, sugary drinks and other or junk food are being applauded by health experts. But many in the business community are less than happy. (Mario Guzman / European Pressphoto Agency) Also October 18, 2013, 4:04 p.m. MEXICO CITY It may soon cost more to get fat in Mexico. New taxes on high-calorie junk food and sugary drinks were approved by Mexicos lower house of Congress in a marathon 18-hour session that ended Friday morning. They are part of a broader package of taxes and other fiscal changes proposed by President Enrique Pena Nieto aimed at generating nearly $20 billion for the national treasury. Mexico has one of the worlds highest rates of obesity , recently surpassing the United States, and bigger price tags on chips, candy and other chatarra or junk food are being applauded by health experts. However, they are being panned by many in the business community. Opponents liken the effort to the crusade by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to tax soft drinks, which has also met stiff resistance. It will hurt, said Eusebia Blas Luna, 50, who has been selling candy bars and Cokes chilled by blocks of ice out of a tiny stand on Mexico City street corners for 20 years. Sales will fall, people will stop buying.