Does ‘grand Theft Auto V’ Mean The End Of Hollywood?

Paul McCartney shuts down Hollywood Boulevard for epic ‘Kimmel’ concert

The entertainer has successfully shut down Hollywood Boulevard for an epic concert that has locals calling in sick and blowing off work. Thanks to the Jimmy Kimmel Live , Southern California fans are getting to see the star free on Monday as tickets to be part of the venue didn’t cost. Paul McCartney definitely is making a splash on his first appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Large crowds are expected for Paul McCartneys performance. Held in front of the theater, the show kicks off at 4:30 local time and will continue until Paul is finished performing. Hoping to get as many fans there as possible Hollywood Boulevard has been shut down to accommodate the crowds. For those fans who cant make the trip, there will be a video stream released after the gig. US/UK/AUS/NZ Fans: Stream Paul’s Hollywood Boulevard gig after @JimmyKimmelLive tonight, tweeted Paul McCartney from his official Twitter account. The entertainer included a link for the performance so fans around the globe could watch. One of the biggest free shows in Hollywood, there is no doubt Beatles fans and music buffs will hit Hollywood to enjoy the music! — Jodi Jill reports direct from Hollywood. Check out her NEW website offering a firsthand look at celebrity news , her published books plus details of upcoming speaking engagements.

For those diligent and conscientious enough to explore all the side quests, excursions and games-within-the-game, it provides weeks of entertainment. That makes the $60 retail price a bargain: 100 hours of gameplay at $0.60 an hour. Compare that with the price of admission to a movie, even a two-and-a-half hour megaproduction. The other advantage for video games — driving the usage cost down even further — is that buyers get to keep the game. So, could the multiple box-office disappointments last summer reflect the beginning of a shift that goes well beyond blockbuster fatigue? Merging Forms Theres little reason to think that movies and video games couldnt continue to co-exist. But if audiences are becoming overly familiar with Hollywoods version of the three-act-structure and if games continue to grow as a form of narrative entertainment, its tantalizing to think that the next few years or decades might bring some more serious attempts at experimentation and cross-pollination. Its already been tried.Most of the results, however, have been marketing masquerading as interactive storytelling.Despite efforts in both industries to find some creative alchemy, most attempts , though admirable for the effort, fall short of true invention. Movies made from games, games made from movies, movies and games released simultaneously with added content end up being less than the sum of their parts, more like two conventional forms of entertainment smushed together and repackaged as a new product. Movies and video games both take place in a larger, common universe of possible narratives.But are they fundamentally incompatible? Could anything interesting ever emerge from recombining the DNA of the two?