Be Afraid: Get Into The Halloween Spirit With Movies And Theater

Stephanie Merry

Encouragingly, these people include artists and, sometimes, even people at labels, movie or game studios. The entertainment business still acts as if piracy is going to wipe out the entire creative industry, but things are moving in the right direction. And proof that piracy is directly linked to weather people can find the movies or shows they want when they want to is very evident over at the new website. The site mashes up data from TorrentFreak, the top 10 most pirated movies on BitTorrent, along with data from Can I Stream It. The end result is a chart of the top 10 most popular movies on BitTorrent and whether they are available online in any form, streaming, rental or purchase. Obviously, this data has been available for a while, but it’s only now been put into context like this. And the results speak for themselves. For the past three weeks, the time over which the data has been collected, none of the top 10 movies, not a single one has been available for streaming, on Netflix, Hulu and so on. Only one in five have been available for rental and a little over half of them could have been bought from the likes of iTunes and Amazon. This week, four of the top 10 movies can’t be bought, rented or streamed anywhere. Three are available for streaming and, for six, a digital copy can be purchased online. Obviously, people will and do pirate movies and shows even if they are available legally. In fact, some will grab it from BitTorrent even if it’s available somewhere for free, sometimes it’s just a matter of habits.

Yet despite that proactive approach, searches for Hollywood blockbusters frequently turn up links to pirate websites. “The MPAA is complaining that Google leads people to infringing links,” Brito argues. “But what’s the alternative?” The movies that are available on file-sharing sites, he says, are “very rarely available for legal acquisition.” Unsurprisingly, MPAA spokesperson Kate Bedingfield disagrees. “Today there are more ways than ever to watch movies and TV shows legally online, and more are constantly being added,” she said in an e-mailed statement. “If a particular film isn’t available for stream or purchase at a given moment, however, it does not justify stealing it from the creators and makers who worked hard to make it.” Brito insists he’s not trying to excuse piracy. But, he argues, “I don’t understand how the industry is making a big show about Google not taking voluntary measures to help with piracy.” Hollywood, he says, could “change its business model to take their own voluntary measures to deal with piracy,” by making movies more readily available through legal online channels. If it chooses not to do that, he believes, they have no business complaining that tech companies aren’t doing enough to combat the problem. But Bedingfield counters that films get heavily pirated even when they’re made available in online formats. The Walking Dead was pirated 500,000 times within 16 hours despite the fact that it is available to stream for free for the next 27 days on AMCs website and distributed in 125 countries around the world the day after it aired,” she says. “Our industry is working hard to bring content to audiences when they want it, where they want it, but content theft is a complex problem that requires comprehensive, voluntary solutions from all stakeholders involved.” Finally, Bedingfield points out that the Mercatus Center counts Google among its funders. Correction: The original data supplied to us by was inaccurate. It showed 1 movie available for rental and 4 available for purchase.

Many of the most-pirated movies aren’t available for legitimate online purchase

” Insidious: Chapter 2 “: The supernatural thriller continues the story of the Lambert family, who can’t seem to escape the spell of evil spirits. ” Nosferatu ” with live accompaniment: Artisphere is hosting a screening of one of the original horror films, the silent vampire movie, set to the songs of the Not So Silent Cinemas klezmer quintet. The screening is scheduled for Oct. 26. Hitchcocktober: Another example of tried-and-true horror is happening at the Angelika theater at Mosaic this month with screenings of ” Rope ” Thursday, ” The Birds ” on Oct. 24 and ” Psycho ” on Halloween night. Theater ” Tales of Mystery and the Imagination ” and “Halloween in Georgetown”: Guillotine Theatre, formerly Georgetown Theatre Company, has an annual tradition of staging readings of Edgar Allan Poe’s stories and poems. This October, the group will perform in Georgetown and at Alexandria’s Athenaeum, as it has in the past, but also inside of an empty burial vault in the Ivy Hill Cemetery. (Thursday-Saturday) ” Titus Andronicus ” The Riot Grrrls present a fierce, all-female rendition of the Bard’s most grisly tragedy, chock-full of Halloween delights, including death and dismemberment, not to mention a little cannibalism for good measure. (Through Oct. 26) ” Extremities “: Molotov Theatre Group is known for its blood-splattering special effects, but the company returns after a long hiatus with a more sobering and thoughtful play. The psychological thriller follows a woman who turns the tables on an attacker and holds him hostage as she decides what to do with him. (Through Nov. 3) ” In the Forest, She Grew Fangs “: For the first full Washington Roguesproduction outside of the Fringe Festival, the group is staging Stephen Spotswood’s updated take on “Little Red Riding Hood” with a girl protagonist tormented by high school bullies. (Through Nov.

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Check out trailers for the 20 biggest movies of the year, ranked by box office intake, below. 1. “Iron Man 3” 6. “Oz The Great and Powerful” 7. “Star Trek Into Darkness” 8. “World War Z” 19. “Now You See Me” 20. “Lee Daniels’ The Butler” Loading Slideshow “Adore” (Sept. 6) Naomi Watts and Robin Wright star as two mothers who fall into sexual relationships with each other’s sons. (Yep, it’s real.) “Riddick” (Sept. 6) When Vin Diesel isn’t starring in “Fast and Furious” movies, he’s playing Riddick. ‘Good Ol’ Freda’ (Sept. 6) A documentary about The Beatles’ famed secretary. “Salinger” (Sept.