3 Movies That Could Break Avatar’s Box Office Record

Horror movies showing in Austin this October

It was a film built around its use of gorgeous visuals and ground-breaking 3D landscapes, the spectacle of which brought moviegoers flocking to cineplexes. With years of advances in CGI and 3D now expected for major films,Avatar 2won’t feel nearly as unique as the original. Also, the first film felt like a complete story. Movies based around comic books have the advantage of a host of villains that characters can face off against. Sequels rarely feel forced. Still, the movie Gravityis proving that well-done 3D films can still be a huge box office draw. It drew a reported 84% of ticket sales from 3D showings this weekend. If the nextAvatarcan up the ante and receive rave reviews from critics and viewers, it could ride the momentum from the original to big box office results. Out of left field There you have it, three films that could challengeAvatar’sbox office record. However, keep in mind that few sawAvatarbecoming a threat for the box office record before its release. Likewise,Titanicwas seen as a potential bust before its release. It faced a grueling production schedule and was the most expensive film ever made at the time. Yet, it more than validated the cost of production and surpassed all expectations. The moral of the story? While it’s fun to handicap the success of future films, the next box office champion is probably something that has yet to be thought up. From the box office to winning stock picks Every good investor wants to build that perfect portfolio that they can set and forget forever. Fortunately, it’s easier than anyone ever knew. We’ve uncovered the pillars of such a portfolio today and we’re willing to share The Motley Fool’s 3 Stocks to Own Forever . Simply stated, we think they’re the best stocks for true long-term investors to know about, and you can uncover them for free today, instantly; just click here now .

Looking Back: The Top Movies of 2003

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Opening credits from John Carpenter’s ‘Halloween’ October is the month of Halloween , which is synonymous with horror movie watching. And local Austin theaters have plenty scary movies to satisfy horror loves of various genres. Alamo Drafthouse on Slaughter Lane will be showing ‘The Craft’ October 16th, ‘Bride Of Frankentsein’ October 19th and ‘The Wolfman’ October 26th and Alamo Ritz also be presenting ‘The Silence of The Lambs’ with live commentary by the Master Pancake comedy troupe, who will be skewering the horror classic. And Video Hate Squad will screen heavy-metal horror oddity ‘Rocktober Blood’ on October 27th. Alamo Village will have a ‘Ghostbusters’ quote-along on Oct 20th. And John Carpenter’s classic horror film ‘Halloween’ will be shown at various locations from the 25th-31st. For full lineup, ticket purchases and showtimes, click here to visit the official Drafthouse site . The Blue Starlite Drive-In will also be showing a wide selection of horror movies including ‘The Lost Boys’, ‘The Shining’, ‘Monster Squad’, ‘Night Of The Living Dead’, and a John Carpenter double feature of ‘The Thing’ and ‘The Fog’ ( click here for our list of best John Carpenter films ). For full lineup, ticket purchases and showtimes click here to visit their official website . And for those who’ve missed our previous coverage , the Housecore Horror Film Festival will be held at Emo’s East, Dirty Dog and Antone’s October 25th through October 27th. The four days will be filled with a variety of horror films from all genres, in addition to a host of metal bands. There are far too many films to give a complete rundown here, so click here for the full lineup and click here to visit their official website for ticket information. Suggested by the author

Peter Jacksons closing chapter to the Tolkien adaptation still wows regularly, with that wonderful Howard Shore score, gargantuan battles and swath of characters easy to invest in; its editing is another thing. While the infamous multiple endings never irked me, its the build-up that stumbles here and there, especially when Viggo Mortensens Aragorn disappears for roughly an hour. Still great, not the greatest. 9. Love Actually Sappiness and more sappiness be damned, a Christmas classic I say. A Christmas classic!…that we put on before the grandparents come over due to the cursing and the boobies. 8. The School of Rock Ten years on and a pile of bad Jack Black movies later, Richard Linklaters story of a would-be-rocker turned substitute teacher is still an utter charmer, channeling Blacks well-worn goofball persona better than any movie before or sense. Effortlessly funny and sweet and one of the rare perfect live-action family films of recent time. 7. Shattered Glass This dramatization of Stephen Glass fabricated work at The New Republic is a stirring narrative, played out like crime fiction.

Khandi Alexander

While the mid-’80s saw Alexander land small roles in movies like Streetwalkin’ and Maid to Order , her skills as a dancer earned her a full scholarship at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater School. Her dance career also regularly found her appearing in award shows, which eventually brought her into contact with pop sensation Whitney Houston . Impressed with Alexander ‘s talent and no-nonsense attitude, Houston signed Alexander on to choreograph her sold-out I’m Your Baby Tonight world tour. Music was only part of the picture for the thespian, however, and to pursue her dream of becoming an accomplished actress, Alexander enrolled at the Stella Adler Conservatory. While she would continue to accept supporting roles in projects she was attracted to, two prominent gigs would catapult Alexander ‘s career in 1995 when she accepted a regular part on the prime-time drama ER as sister to Eriq La Salle ‘s Dr. Peter Benton, as well as a starring role in the critically acclaimed ensemble sitcom NewsRadio. While the two strong characters and formats were drastically different, Alexander stayed with NewsRadio until 1998, and continued to reprise her role on ER for seven years. After retiring from both of her TV gigs, Alexander continued to participate in a variety of projects until 2002, when an irresistible character would draw her back into television. The CSI spin-off CSI: Miami offered the part of smart, dignified coroner named Dr. Alexx Woods. The character seemed tailor-made for the charismatic actress, who joined the cast from the show’s inception. Alexander would stick with the series for season upon season, as it became one of the most watched shows on TV. Alexander never abandoned the love of dance and stage acting that once dominated her career.